TELEPHONE is a global art project based on the children’s game Telephone (also called Operator, Grapevine, Telefono Roto, Dengon, Stille Poste, Telefono Descompuesto, Phonebook), in which a message is whispered from person to person. In this game, the message is whispered from art form to art form. A poem could become a painting, and then music, film, and dance. Each completed artwork is assigned for translation to numerous artists around the world, so the game branches out exponentially.

The first game of TELEPHONE, played five years ago, involved 315 original and interconnected works, created by artists from 159 cities in 42 countries. You can see it HERE and read about it HERE. The second game, launched on March 24th, 2020, will be much more robust.

If you want to play, we need to know your name, email address, what city and country you are playing from, and the art form you wish to use. We also need three examples of your artwork. It would be an honor to have you join our game.

Submit your work

Can’t access the link? Send us an email with your name, location, art form, and 3 examples of your work.