TELEPHONE will be debuted to the public for free as an interactive, online exhibition in April 2021


More than 950 artists from 479 cities in 70 countries create original, interconnected artworks in a global game of telephone. The distance that we have passed our secret message from artist to artist is more than 7 million kilometers.


When will TELEPHONE go live?
The exhibition will be published here on April 10th, 2021.

Can I still sign up to play?
Sadly, no. Open submissions for this game have now closed.

Who paid for TELEPHONE?
No one! The artists have played for free and the internal staff of TELEPHONE have committed 6,000 - 10,000 hours of labor without compensation. The project will create no revenue or profit.

As a participating artist, can I edit my bio and other information?
Yes. A month prior to the debut, you will be contacted with log-in credentials for our artist portal. There, you will be able to edit or amend any of the information you have supplied to us previously.

Do artists sign away their rights to their art?
Nope. Artists own their own work and digital rights. Participants have granted us permission to display their work within the confines of this online exhibition. Artists can share, sell, promote, or distribute their own work however they want. As favor, because we are very secret, we would ask that TELEPHONE not be tagged in association with works created for this game prior to April 10, 2021.

As a member of the media, whom do I contact?
You can contact Nathan Langston, Director, or Katelyn Watkins, Operations Director, as listed below.

Press Release 1

On its surface, TELEPHONE is simple. Based on the children's game, a message is "whispered" from art form to art form. Each artist receives a work and translates the message into their own art form. The original message could become poetry, and then music, then film, and so on, evolving as it passes from form to form. Artists are only aware of the work of art that directly preceded their own.

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Press Release 2

It's possible to consider TELEPHONE as a presentation of nearly 1,000 individual and original works of art. It's equally valid to view this exhibition as a single work of art by people from across the Earth. Regardless, the result is the largest data set of ekphrastic artistic exchange in history. Ekphrasis is the process of translation of one art form into another.

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Nathan Langston

Katelyn Watkins